Monday, October 31, 2005

now and then

How has the city changed since these photos were taken ?


Blogger proficiency 1c Vafopoulou school of languages said...

The pictures Craig posted are quite interesting.As we can see in the second picture, our city's harbor used to be a beach.If we think of the consequences of that change to our city's trade we would be amazed.All our city's economy made a huge step forward because our harbor became highly organized and was able to accept a greater ammount of boats.Of course people were able to take a bath back then(because there was a beach) but nowadays we surely would not want to take a bath in Thermaikos anyway!The other two pictures show us the meaning for a city to have a big,well-organized harbor.Thessaloniki always had a very important part in greece's economy because of the city's harbor.I think that's what the pictures show.


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