Friday, May 12, 2006

hello there!aigli writing..i would like to contribute a little more in this blog(ok chris it's dust again)!!i want first of all to say that i had an wonderful time during the was really nice!i enjoyed every single moment ;P (ok with some moments of boredom!)
i then want to thank our teachers,Craig and Vaya who were so kind and patient in our learning english of an advanced level..i feel that one part of my goal has been achieved thanks to them!:)
and of course i want to say that i liked very much our class because we all came really close and we laughed a lot!!i think all of you will agree that we had a great time!!!Nikiforos,Vasilis,Despoina(or Debora),Alex,Maria,Theodoros,Nick,Chris,Helen and me!Today was the last lesson of this year.Well,i didn't realize that the time had passed so quickly..and i don't know if we will meet again in the same class all of us next year.But in my opinion it was a really nice year in Vafopoulou school of language and i'm still a member in Craig Wherlock's fun(not just fan) club!i wish we all have a nice summer!!!CU


Blogger teacher dude said...

You were a wonderful class which my job a lot of fun.

Have a great summer and good luck with your University exams (whenever you get to take them).


1:18 AM  
Blogger Mr. D'Onofrio said...

Good luck with your university exams!

8:27 AM  

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